Operation “Trick or Treat”



Halloween is arguably one of the best days of the year to practice your bug out drills, and test your prepper skills. This is the only day out of the year where you are not only allowed to go on other people’s property but are actually incentivized and encouraged to do so while wearing an outfit designed to protect your identity.

The Halloween nigth gives you a true feel for what to expect in regards to the density of people, movement of traffic and the heart pumping realism of getting into the spirit of being in a Without Rule Of Law situation.

This is an excellent time to learn what the security around your neighborhood is like beware of dog signs, fences, locks, metal bars, motion detecting flood lights, natural topography, etc. In a normal setting walking around taking note of local neighborhoods and underlying infrastructure would be seen as very suspicious but during Halloween foot traffic is quite normal so use it to your advantage.


  • Natural topography is huge factor especially when thinking with a tactical mindset.
  • Some will go out with a game plan based upon prior experience while some will wing it while others will follow those who they feel will get the most return on their investment.
  • You may even learn a few shortcuts you didn’t know where there before.

“If you don’t plan to roam the streets but would rather “stay and play” (distribute candy, treats, resources etc.) what would someone learn about your household, neighborhood or community?”

You will be hard pressed to find a better day to either put your plans into motion or gather critical Intel on your local area.
Now this is by no means an exhaustive list of things to note however this is a great-itemized list for starters.

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