Our Dependency of Electricity: Few Hints and Tips for New Preppers


Unhealthy Eletricity Use

There is no possibility of anyone writing a ‘one size fits all’ article on the subject of living without eletricity because our homes and requirements vary so considerably, even within the same family.

The ideal situation to be in is having enough space to grow the fresh fruit and veggies the family needs to thrive, raising chickens and rabbits, maybe a goat or even a cow for milk and a couple of sheep would be nice for wool and meat.

Solar and/or photovoltaic cells would provide light and enough power to run a fridge and a couple of power sockets. You would have a reliable water source on your land.

There is no reason to assume that we won’t fall foul of a major flare, asteroid impact, or some other calamity that will cut the power supply for a considerable amount of time possibly a decade or even longer.


  • Electricity hasn’t been around all that long by human standards, we know we can survive without it.
  • The infrastructure runs on electricity and without it the GPS that air travel relies on packs up.
  • People have been preppers longer than people have laughed at it.

“If something happened tonight that meant you woke up tomorrow and there was no electricity what would be the first thing you would do?”

There are a lot of people in the preparedness community who are more than happy to help you on your way. They won’t think your questions are stupid even though you may feel stupid asking them, just let them know you’re new to the concept and you will have more help and support than you ever dreamed possible.

Original Source: http://undergroundmedic.com/2016/11/our-unhealthy-love-affair-with-electricity-a-few-hints-and-tips-for-new-preppers/

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