SHTF Getaway: Off Grid Self-Sufficient Home Inside a Mountain


Recently there has been some insight given into a particular self sufficient home that is built inside of a mountain. This particular property itself is located in the state of Utah. The household has three bedrooms in particular and has a total square footage of twenty one square feet. The house itself is literally built inside the cliffs of some particular canyons within the area.


      • I came across this amazing self-sufficient property in Utah that shows you really cool ideas when it comes to living off the grid.
      • If I owned this property I would definitely start planning a large vegetable garden and start with chickens and a chicken coop to diversify my food stores.
      • A tunnel was blasted behind the home that provides water draining and a fire escape. Not only that, the tunnel supplies cool air in the summer.

“”This is a 2100 square foot, 3 bedroom home that was literally built inside the cliffs of Montezuma Canyons. Solar panels power the entire property and there is also a well that provides clean water via a 12,000 gallon cistern that collects rainwater and runoff.””

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