SHTF – The Importance of Keeping Calm in a Highly Calamitous Situation


Resilience means the human ability to overcome traumas and wounds. It is not a recipe for happiness, but a positive vital attitude. A rubber ball is a resilient object, unlike the glass of a window, before an impact shatters and does not recover its former shape. This physical phenomenon served as a metaphor for the human being, which can receive the impact of trauma and move forward without been destroyed.

It is very useful when facing a challenge – big or small to maintain a positive attitude. Despite the fact that emotions are deeply rooted and it is very difficult – if not impossible – to eradicate them, you can develop mental habits that will help overcome fears and to react to crises productively.

Survival - man drinking from leaf

You should as a prepper overcome the things that hold you back, having a plan B will

make you feel a lot safer. When you are courageous, you realize that waiting will only make the situation worse, that now is the best time to take action, and that you are the best person to resolve the pressing calamity.


  • Although you still feel fear, you don’t let it stop you.
  • We build confidence by taking small steps in the right direction.
  • Without commitment, nothing happens; with it, anything is possible.

“Mental toughness can’t simply be defined as machismo, which is more an act than an actuality. It’s much more complex, perhaps a combination of courage, confidence, and commitment.”

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