Survival Waste Management – Your Best Emergency Toilet Options


Cat Hole Shovel in Dirt

There are serious dangers associated with no dealing with peoples waste in an eficient manner. The treat is so real that there are laws surrounding your waste.

In a survival situation, you must plan a system to manage your waste as fecal sanition issues kill people. Horrible diseases such as cholera, dysentery, rotavirus, norovirus, hepatitis A and E, cryptosporidium parasites and worms.

There are many methods for dealing with your waste that are effective emergency toilet solutions.

A cat-hole is a small hole dug more or less 6-inches deep. You squat over the hole, do your business, fill it, and forget about it. A latrine also can be built which is a larger, slightly higher-tech version of the cat-hole.

An outhouse is a more complicated option and takes more planning, time, and effort to put together than latrine trenches.

A PVC pipe can be used as a poop tube, this option is popular amongst hikers, backpackers, and rock climbers. Don’t forget toilet paper in your bug out bag.


  • One way to extend the life of your outhouse is to avoid peeing in it.
  • You can use biodegradable poop bags as they are cheap, easy to use, and save the Earth a bit.
  • A composting toilet space is an investment and a major piece of a serious survivalist’s waste plan.

“Toilets aren’t glamorous. But most of us use one every single day. It’s just part of life as a human that will never go away, and the consequences of ignoring it is serious.”

If your survival plan includes staying at a specific location (your home or bug out location) then you must invest in a composting toilet. They are an ingenious solution to the “no tap water” equals “no flushing” problem.

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