Four Flash Points That Could Trigger World War III: “We Have Not Been This Close To Nuclear War In A Long Time”


This article highlights 4 major points that could potentially cause a World War III. This article demonstrates efforts of the US increasing their presence in certain countries, possibly preparing for a nuclear war. It also seems that the US are setting up the media to make it look like Russia is to blame for a World War III if there happens to be one. This may be the perfect excuse for martial law and postponements of the upcoming presidential election.


      • Syria, the South China Sea, Ukraine, and North and South Korea are the four major flashpoints that could easily escalate and transform from a regional conflict into a world war.
      • The “reconstruction” of a Cold War-type faceoff, initiated by the U.S. and NATO, is building up forces in Eastern Europe and facing off against Russia.
      • A nuclear war will be initiated by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) detonation over the continental U.S., followed by a nuclear exchange and a war with conventional forces.

“There is a slow buildup and preparation of media coverage that is trying to paint Russia in the leading role of the aggressor in all of this. It isn’t working, except with those who are ill-informed.”

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