Putin Ally Warns Americans To Vote For Trump Or Face Nuclear War


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a deputy in the state Duma in Russia for over two decades, is has urged Americans to vote for Donald Trump or “risk being dragged into a nuclear war.” Zhirinovsky believes that Trump is the only candidate that will be able to reduce tensions between Moscow and Washington, while Hillary Clinton could spark World War Three. These statements come right on the heels of a previous statement from Zhirinovsky stating that Trump should win because men have been leading for millions of years.


      • Ultra-Nationalist, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is regarded by many to be the Russian counterpart, in temperament, if nothing else, of Donald Trump.
      • Zhirinovsky, who likes (like Trump) to make outrageous statements, has gone on record as saying that Americans must vote for Trump.
      • According to Zhirinovsky, Trump is the only candidate who can ease tensions between Washington and Russia, thereby preventing nuclear war.

“Zhirinovsky urged Americans to vote for Donald Trump as president or “risk being dragged into a nuclear war.”


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