Turkey: US Orders Istanbul Consulate Staff Families to Leave


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All civilian family members in the USA Istanbul consulate have been ordered by the US government to leave Turkey because of increasing threats from terrorist organizations.

The Turkish army suspects the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was behind a September car bombing in southeast Turkey that killed at least 18 people. That group has been accused of a string of bombings targeting Turkish police and army assets.

The State Department didn’t say how many family members would be affected by the Saturday evacuation order. The warning said that the consulate remains open and fully staffed and that the order does not apply to other diplomatic posts in Turkey.


  • The warning goes beyond the one issued earlier in the week.
  • On Monday warnings urged Americans to avoid traveling to southeast Turkey.
  • Especially not to travel to urban centers near the Turkish-Syrian border, because of recent terrorist attacks.

“The Department of State made this decision based on security information.”

The security information indicates extremist groups are continuing aggressive efforts to attack US citizens in areas of Istanbul where they reside or frequent.

Original Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/29/middleeast/turkey-travel-warning-consulate/index.html

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