Two Powerful Quakes Hit Italy Near Site of Deadly August Quake


Two powerful earthquakes Wednesday struck central Italy about 50 miles north of the site of a deadly August quake that killed nearly 300 people, the US Geological Survey said.

The second quake, with a magnitude of 6.1, was 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) north of Visso and 58 km (36 miles) from Perugia, the USGS reported.

Some houses were completely destroyed in the small town of Visso in central Italy after the October earthquake destroyed part of the town. The USGS said both earthquakes were shallow.


  • Rescuers are fearful of mudslides and even of risking bringing heavy equipment up the narrow roads.
  • After the first shock, many people left their homes and were outside when the second earthquake hit about two hours later.
  • Residents were uncertain as to what might happen next, and expressed worry that another, bigger tremor, might cause even more damage.

“In many small towns, in the pre-dawn hours, there is little light, further hampering rescue efforts — rescuers are forced to listen for people calling for help.”

The main square and the church in nearby Norcia, a couple of miles to the south, are badly damaged, but the church there is still standing.

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